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Our goal is to thoroughly meet all of your child’s needs, from daily care to academic learning to social-emotional growth.  We believe that all people - including young children - learn more, produce more, show more compassion and feel better about themselves when they are in an environment that is caring, connected and safe.  For those reasons and many more, we utilize a research-backed, evidence-based program called Conscious Discipline®.  Conscious Discipline® is based on safety, connection and problem solving.  You can learn more at

    – *Conscious Discipline® Parent Education Curriculum

Conscious Discipline® is a brain based program designed to teach the child & adult the following: 

● Anger management ● Helpfulness ● Assertiveness ●Impulse Control ● Cooperation ● Empathy ● Problem solving


The Parent Workshop Series Registration Includes:

7 Parent information sessions held once per month
2 Organized family playdates (December & May)
Kit of laminated materials with key ideas
Laminated set of “I Love You Rituals”
One Make-and-Take Resource per family per session


August 24 Information Session: FREE (Register here)

Parent Workshop Series Fee: $200

One Time Parent Workshop Series Registration Fee: $100

Drop in Fee per session: $50 (**Note: drop in fee only covers items from the one session, not the full series)


Additional Information:


Meet Your Instructor, Nicole Estes 

Dr. Becky Bailey at TEDx - Wiring the Brain for Success

Conscious Discipline Website



Registration Form:

Parent Workshop Series Registration Form


Instructor Contact:
 Nicole Estes
call/text 561-315-7274



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