Preschool Classes


Ages 3-5 years old (fully potty trained)
The class includes, circle time, reading, centers, small groups, colors, letters, letter sounds, name recognition and spelling, beginning writing skills, shapes, numbers and art projects.  This class also introduces preschoolers to proper classroom conduct and social interaction.


2 teachers and only 16 children in each class.
Classes are 4 hours in length.

9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. 

Students will need to bring a packed lunch and a snack with them. 

Residents $320 per month/ Non Residents $345 per month

Registration and Activity Fee is $175 for the school year, which includes a Spring/Summer photo package. 

The Monthly price stays the same throughout the school year, regardless of holidays.  The price is averaged throughout the 10 month school year to help with budgeting.  

Monthly Payments are Automatic.  (Find out more, during Registration)